About me

at work

I was born in 1984 in the walled city of West-Berlin, but I didn’t take much notice of that until the german reunification in 1990. I have always been interested in photography, but unfortunately I did not often have the opportunity to take some shots with my fathers old Pentax. My first camera of my own was a cheap compact one - even then it did not feel like a real photo-camera to me. With the advent of digital photography taking pictures got even more fun, because one did not have to pay for every single picture. But the image quality of my not-so-cheap Medion camera (note: Medion is the own-brand of a big german/european discount supermarket chain named Aldi) was rather poor. After that camera suddenly died, I felt that it was time for something proper.

In 2006 I bought my first digital single lens reflex camera, which I still use today - a Canon EOS 30d. I started to have my first experiences with photographing architecture and landscapes, e.g. at the annual "Festival of Lights" in Berlin.
Later on I got the opportunity to shoot rock-musicians live on stage - at this point thanks to the guys from "half past here", who still give me this opportunity and who really appreciate these photos.

It is also fascinating to take pictures of animals - even though most of the time these animals are caged in animal parks.

Right now photography is nothing more than a hobby to me - in every day life I study electrical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany.